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"I have tried to be a 'runner' several times before. I would always start off quite keen but could never progress to the point where I could run comfortably for more than a few minutes and my legs always ached so much it was off putting. Joining Shona's beginner's class was my last shot at becoming a 'runner'.


I knew from the first session that this time it would work. It seems I had been making the common mistake of going too fast for too long too soon and had become disheartened and given up. Not this time. Shona gently coaxed me and my fellow nervous beginners around a beautifully snowy Knole Park one Saturday morning and got me hooked.


Running outside in beautiful surroundings certainly helps but the other crucial thing, for me, is the company of others. Because we all started at the same time there was no anxiety about trying to keep up with the 'fast' ones and Shona never leaves anybody behind.


So finally I am a 'runner' and I love it."


- Tori 

'Having the sales chaps in Up and Running in Sevenoaks congratulate me on completing Shona's beginners course today (as I awarded myself my "prize" of new kit!) was the icing on the cake. Thoroughly recommend Shona's beginners course for anyone who has always thought they're not a runner. I never imagined I could hit 5k in one go, but today we did it and it feels great! Thank you Shona, looking forward to loads more fun runs.'

- Sally



'I am not sporty and I didn't start running until I was nearly 50! 10 years later but with plenty of weeks and months when I couldn't run and thought I'd give up, I have found Shona's small groups the most motivating. Shona is the best coach you could have to encourage you to enjoy the outside countryside and run well without being too competitive. She knows how to ensure you to reach your best and is always ready with advice and tips. So give up that extortionate gym membership and come and join us for a chat, run and make new friends, exchange experiences and learn all sorts of things. We're a really diverse and interesting bunch - and I am not the oldest - there are plenty of young things too - we all just get on.' -Ann

beginners Sept 2015 2

Just finished the beginners' course - what an achievement, no wonder they're smiling!